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Home contents insurance made easy.

Covering every important item in your home.

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Ugh. We know that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

That’s why we cover all the stuff you have at home. Because we know you got better plans.

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What is covered?

Imagine your home is upside down: Everything flying out are your home contents.

  • Fire
  • Storm & Hail
  • Water
  • Burglary & Theft
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Coya is your flexible and easy insurance. Because freedom and safety go hand in hand.

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Insured risks


Example: A fire at home has damaged clothes, furniture and electrical appliances for the worth of 20,000 €. In cases like these, you are insured by us.

Storm & Hail

Example: During a storm, flying branches destroy your living room window. Your beloved home cinema worth €1,000 is destroyed by rainwater. But don't fret, Coya will make sure you can get a new one soon.

Water Damage

Example: A defect in your washing machine will cause tap water to leak out and damage nearby furniture worth 2,000 €. Don't worry, Coya will protect you from the financial consequences.

Burglary, Robbery and Vandalism

Example burglary: Burglars enter your home and steal jewellery, your laptop and your TV. The damage amounts to 5,000 €. But luckily with Coya you're insured against a case of burglary like this. Example robbery: On holidays, criminals threaten you with violence and rob you. They steal your money, your digital camera and your mobile phone that sums up to a total value of 2,000 €. Example attempted robbery: Burglars try to get into insured rooms and damage your door and a window. Even if nothing has been stolen, the damage amounts to 1,000 €. Coya takes over this damage as well.