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The most frequently
asked questions about home contents insurance

  • What exactly does home contents insurance cover?

    Imagine somebody shook your house upside down. All the things that would come flying out is what home contents insurance covers. Among these are for example:

    • Furniture, carpets, clothing
    • Electronics and electronic household appliances
    • Antennas or marquees that are part of the apartment/house
    • Cash and valuables (eg. jewellery) up to a certain amount
    • Household pets like dogs, cats or birds
  • Is my bike also insured?

    Your bicycle is included in your household items and therefore covered as long as it is within the confinements of your home.

    Your bike is not insured in a public space, however, we now developed a bicycle add-on to cover it anywhere in the world!

    In the in case of a theft or damage we would therefore reimburse you the value of your bike in new up to 1.000 Euro.

    And best of all, this add-on not only covers your bike, but the bike of anyone registered at your address.

  • Does the insurance cover my bicycle?

    Your bicycle is certainly included in your household items when in your insured apartment, therefore it is as such it is covered as everything else. However, be careful when leaving your apartment, as the insurance can no longer cover it in this case. At the moment, we do not offer an additional module covering the theft of your bike outside of your home, but this option is being developed and will soon be available.

  • In what spaces are my belongings covered?

    Your belongings (home contents) are insured in your main residence (apartment or house) and any rooms, garages, carports, loggias, balconies and terraces or studies adjacent to the building and used exclusively by members of the household.

    Common rooms located on the property of your main residence e.g. a laundry room, bicycle cellar, garage as well as customer lockers at banks are included in the insured space.

  • In the case of what events am I covered?

    Damage to your property caused by fire, smoke and soot, heating, lightning, strikes, power surges caused by lightning, explosion, deflagration, implosion, collision with a car, supersonic shockwaves, tap water, storm or hail are covered.

    You are also insured against the financial consequences of burglary, robbery and vandalism or any damages caused by the attempt at such crimes.

  • What happens in the case of an emergency?

    You can report emergencies at any time to the 24-hour emergency call hotline on +49 (30) 588 494 00. This service is the so-called Home and Flat Assistance Policy of your insurance. It is included in your plan for emergency situations, and unlike other insurers requires no additional costs.

    Other insurers charge an additional premium for this protection. Coya includes this protection in every household insurance.

    This costs are covered in an emergency:

    • Locksmith up to 500 Euro
    • Pipe cleaning service up to 500 Euro
    • Sanitary/Installateur up to 500 Euro
    • Electrician service up to 500 Euro
    • Heating installer service up to 500 Euro
    • Emergency heating up to 500 Euro
    • Accommodation costs after a damage for 2 nights up to max. 75 Euro per night
    • Childcare up to 48 hours
    • Accommodation of pets up to 500 Euro
    • Security costs up to 500 Euro
    • Removal of wasp nests up to 500 Euro
    • Provisional securing of the roof after a storm up to 500 Euro

    Please note that the maximum annual payment however is 1,500 Euro.

  • How can I cancel my insurance? Will I be tied into a long-term contract?

    Don't worry, Coya gives you the full freedom and flexibility to cancel your policy at any time. You can always determine the length of your plan and do not have to offer a particular reason for your decision to leave. Your termination will take effect the following day.


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Coya is a new insurance for a new world. That's why we want to make our insurance experience as best as possible for you and work every day to become better and better.
However, if you're ever dissatisfied, please let us know. We take your feedback very seriously and will try to find solutions for you and with you quickly.
You can reach our customer and claims service through the following channels:

BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)

If you write to the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), they examine your case and makes a statement, but cannot make a binding decision.
You can submit complaints by mail, fax or mail. Besides that, the BaFin provides an online form .

  • BaFin, Insurance Supervision Sector, Graurheindorfer Str. 108, 53117 Bonn, Germany

  • + 49 (0)228 410 80

European Commission

The European Commission has set up a special platform for consumers who have concluded their contracts online. Your complaint will be forwarded to the relevant ombudsman.
You can reach the platform here.