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It's not just any bike. It's your new bike.

From € 4.41* / month

*Based on a new purchase price of 500 euro.
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Your bike, its parts and even the lock...

Biking around town is so much more fun if you don't have to worry it might get stolen or damaged. And that's why we ensure your:

  • Bike
  • Lock
  • Parts

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...are insured against

Your bike got stolen even though you've locked it? First of all: It's not your fault. The concept of property isn't clear to everyone. So if it hits your bike, we can't reimburse you its emotional value. But we can take the financial stress off your shoulders by absorbing any repair costs or the price for a new bike.

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Insured risks


We insure the bike that you listed in your contract. Included here are the lock and all its original parts.


If your bicycle gets stolen or damaged, your lock is insured as well. Make sure it was included with its original price (including VAT) in your contract. After all, bicycles and locks go together like mac n'cheese.


Original bike parts that are tightly screwed to your bike, like handlebars, saddles, lamps and luggage racks are automatically included in your insurance package. Note that, parts attached with plug connections and quick-release fasteners are not included.