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We want to help people live carefree by providing better insurances.

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We want to free people with a flexible insurance and enable them to live more.

This is why we have created an insurance experience that is seamless, affordable, and adapted to your personal needs.

Traditional Insurance vs. the Coya way Traditional Insurance vs. the Coya way

We’re building a community and culture from within through common ground and values.

  • creative & rebellious

    creative & rebellious

    Self confident, constructively rebellious and challenging the status quo
  • intuitively simple

    intuitively simple

    Intuitively digital, tech savvy and complexity busting
  • community driven

    community driven

    We’re 100% authentic and encourage everybody to be an active part of our movement.
  • doers & performers

    performance & execution

    Efficient, fast, can do attitude

A new world needs new ideas and passionate people to make them happen.

We encourage our employees to live balanced and fulfilled lives. We want them to come as they are and feel 100% themselves.

  • Rabea Roesicke

    Rabea Roesicke

    Claims Support
  • Alexander Hecking

    Alexander Hecking

  • Linda Sabiers

    Linda Sabiers

  • Benthe Kornrumpf

    Benthe Kornrumpf

    Data Scientist
  • Thilo Grösch

    Thilo Grösch

  • Jens Bliß

    Jens Bliß

  • Yasemin Ege Tulay

    Yasemin Ege Tulay

  • Michael Bock

    Michael Bock

  • Joey


    Chief Woofficer
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Join our community and help us create a new insurance for a new world.

  • You meet

    A diverse and vibrant group of people with a common values.
  • You explore

    A creative “Kiez” in Kreuzkölln, with lovely restaurants to conquer
  • You relax

    Daily meditation, flexible hours and community lunches
Join the community

Much for believing in what we do

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